Meet The Team



Juliette Lister

Owner / Head Property Manager

Wellington and more specifically Lower Hutt has become Juliette’s adopted home of the past sixteen years. Originally from Timaru she has spent time living in Auckland, Oamaru, Christchurch as well as a couple of years on her OE in the UK before settling in Wellington.

Policing brought Juliette to the Capital and she walked the beat (so to speak) in Lower Hutt for a number of years before moving into the communications centre; dispatching the patrols and taking 111 calls.

Soon after arriving in Wellington she met Anton, who was already well on track to building up an impressive portfolio of rental properties.

Anton wasted no time in educating Juliette on the virtues of owning rental properties and just as quickly handed over the reins of the property management to her, announcing that she was far better at paper work that he was and that she was the ‘people person’ in the relationship.

Over time, Juliette and Anton continued to build their investment portfolio and in 2008 they added to the family with a delightful daughter, Marina.

A few of the clients Anton had been coaching went onto invest in property and were frustrated at the service they were receiving from their property manager. Anton kindly advised them that Juliette was the best property manager that he knew of, and suggested she take over the property management. And that was that, Juliette was now managing rental properties for others as well.

Juliette was soon managing over fifty properties from the home office in Lowry Bay, Eastbourne and also began contracting to a large Relocation Service provider as their Wellington Relocation Consultant.

Lately Juliette has primarily focused on the Eastbourne area and homes that may be considered above average in the 450pw + range. She enjoys the one on one relations in dealing with owners and tenants and seeks to only to have ‘nice tenants’ and ‘nice owners’ reducing any need for conflict where possible.

During weekend mornings Juliette can be found cycling around the greater Wellington region and is known to enjoy a regular game of Bridge.


Anton Nadilo

Anton Nadilo

Owner / Sales & Marketing Manager

Anton Nadilo is committed to helping people make smart financial choices, maintain their lifestyle, achieve financial independence, and pursue their goals and dreams.

Anton graduated from Victoria University in 1991 with a Bachelor of Commerce & Administration, majoring in Management and Economics.

Anton’s friendly, people-orientated style led him into a successful sales career in the FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) industry.  His drive and enthusiasm saw him quickly promoted through to Key Account Manager level.  Anton spent 4 years at management level, and worked for several multinational companies in the pharmaceutical and manufacturing sectors.

Anton is an entrepreneur and successful businessman.Anton’s own entry into the world of investment began at the age of 22 when he purchased his first 2 residential investment properties.  Over the last 15 years Anton has created an impressive portfolio of property investments.  His drive and enthusiasm has seen him become a mentor and “sounding board” to many of his clients, friends and acquaintances in the areas of property investment, and other diversified investments.

Anton eventually left the world of sales to pursue a career as a financial planner and seminar presenter.  Before setting up his own financial coaching company – My Money Mentor, Anton spent 18 months with FSB Financial Services Ltd, one of Wellington’s largest financial service providers.

In 2001, Anton formed the My Money Mentor Ltd – a company focused on improving financial literacy for all New Zealanders.

As a Director of My Money Mentor Ltd, Anton is committed to providing clients with a simple, no-nonsense approach to financial planning.  He actively commits his time and knowledge to helping people create and protect wealth over time.

In 2001, Anton formed the Financial Minds – a company that delivers personal financial education in the corporate environment.  He also formed The Professional Adviser Network – an organisation committed to helping professional advisers build better businesses.

Anton’s thirst for knowledge has him attending numerous seminars every year.  He has read over 200 books on the topics of financial planning, wealth creation, property investment and personal development.  His passion for educating people on the principles of wealth creation and financial planning has seen him regularly speak at business functions and within client companies.

Anton is available for media interviews and  speaking engagements.


Tina Lyons

Tina Lyons

Office Manager / Property Manager

Tina has worked at Easy Peasy Property for the past three years, and is gaining experience in Residential Management. Her background is Office Management and worked for a large Embassy for eight years prior to having her family and travelling.  Having lived in the Hutt Valley all her life, Tina has gained a thorough knowledge of many different suburbs of the area. She is passionate, hard-working and caring.