Our Philosophy


When you combine a passion for property with a unique approach, Wellington’s leading property management company – Easy Peasy was created.

Easy Peasy, that’s how it will be for you as a property owner if you have Easy Peasy Property looking after your home.

We are a boutique property management business that offers a personal and prompt service.  Our small team undertake all parts of the process and have our fingers on the pulse with each of the properties we manage.

Our aim is not to be the biggest and to find ourselves overwhelmed by dealing with too many properties.  We do, however aim to provide the best possible service to owners and tenants.

Our clients; both tenants and owners are all very nice people and that is just the way we like it.

We offer Full Property Management and Also Casual Property Management.  Easy Peasy Property is different.  We provide a fully CUSTOMISED property management solution – not a one size fits all approach. Simply order from our menu of casual and full time property management options or let us create a custom package for you.

One of the biggest grumbles we hear about from property owners who already use a property manager is about the lack of communication they have from their property manager. Many owners say they don’t know what is going on with their property, they feel like they are kept in the dark and are just a number to the agency.  Juliette likes to personally meet each owner and keeps them informed every step of the way about what is going on with the property and tenancy.

Juliette makes it Easy Peasy for tenants as well by being responsive to their requests to view a property, including after-hours and in the weekends. She does not want to see your house sitting empty and makes finding the right tenant a top priority.

As part of the process she will go through the home with you and advise you on anything that may need to done prior to letting the property, such as installing smoke alarms & door stops, general maintenance and enhancements.

We take care of the advertising, viewings, vetting, tenancy sign up, move in inspections, money collection, bond lodgement …everything needed to have your home tenanted.

Six weeks after the tenant moves in we carry out the first inspection to pick up anything of concern about the way the tenant is living, i.e. not mowing the lawns or not ventilating the property and educate the tenant at that point on what they need to do in how we want them to care for the property. This is also an ideal opportunity for the tenant to point out any maintenance matters that require attention and to maintain a good relationship with the tenant.

Regular Inspections, have you checked your insurance policy?  Most insurers will insist of proof of regular inspections when making a claim. When we carry out an inspection, of course we are checking how your property is being cared for. Is it being ventilated kept clean and tidy etc?  but we are also checking for any maintenance issues that could end up causing a lot of bother and costing a lot of money if neglected such as blocked gutters, leaking hot water cylinders.

It has only been in the past few years that Juliette has discovered the joys of coffee. She would love to shout you a cup of coffee over a chat about your property management needs.

Cup of coffee and blank diary with a pencil on a wooden table