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Sandy Douglas

“It gives me great pleasure to provide a testimonial for Easy Peasy Property.

I acted on my son’s behalf in April 2013 and secured Juliette Lister to manage the first rental property he purchased (he was living abroad at the time).

Juliette has been wonderful to deal with, she undertakes each and every task with due diligence and professionalism.

Finding a suitable tenant was our first priority, and Juliette liaised with us about the various applicants, so we had some input into who was going to tenant the property.

Whilst we did have a small issue with the original tenant, Juliette dealt with this in an appropriate manner, and communicated with me every step of the way.

We ended up with a good conclusion.

Unfortunately we don’t live in a totally ideal world and often-times it isn’t about whether we have issues, but how effectively we deal with them when we do!

Upon my relocation to Australia, my son (Hayden Stoebener) took over dealing with Juliette directly.

His sentiment about her service is exactly the same as mine, and he even said he wanted to find a property manager in Tauranga (for his second investment property) that was the same calibre person as Juliette.

I believe this is the greatest part of my testimony!

It goes without saying, I highly recommend the professional yet friendly service of Easy Peasy Property!”

Sandy Douglas

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