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Toni Coleman

“I first met Juliette in 2009 when I began investing in property.

At the time, my husband and I felt determined to manage our properties ourselves. What we learnt very quickly is that we didn’t have nearly enough time on our hands as we both work full time, that we became too emotionally connected to the tenants and we found it too stressful to deal with issues or increase the rent.

We decided to hand things over to Juliette as we knew she was a property investor also and had come to know her as a very knowledgeable, firm but fair property manager.

We also found her very personable – she is warm and friendly and has a calm and pragmatic demeanour. We felt that she understood our needs as owners and would be careful to secure the right tenants for our properties. Sure enough we have had a wonderful relationship with Juliette and have never had a vacancy since.

Juliette has managed to find great tenants and has ensured the properties are well cared for and properly maintained. It has been effortless as owners. We have literally been able to ‘forget’ the properties on a day to day basis which has been wonderful. In the past couple of years we have moved family into one rental and made the decision to sell the other.

In both cases, Juliette facilitated the process with the tenant so that all legal and moral obligations were met and the properties were transitioned without any problems.

I have no hesitation in recommending Juliette to manage properties on behalf of their owners. I wouldn’t hesitate to sign up her services when we next have a property to rent and am happy to be contacted if anyone wishes to know more details.”

Toni Coleman

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