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Relocating To Wellington

Are you relocating to Wellington? Need a property to rent? What are the best schools? Discover the areas to avoid…

A relocation consultant can help take the stress out of your move.

A relocation consultant can help take the stress out of your move.

We can provide tips & advice on the 5 biggest challenges about migrating, living & working in Wellington.

1. Finding A Job

Struggling to find a job as a new immigrant? Visit this forum to learn about the best job finding strategies for migrants, how to create CV’s, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles – plus how to utilise connections to make the job hunting process as an immigrant easier.

2. Missing Family & Friends

Leaving your friends and family behind is one the most heart-wrenching parts of migrating to a new country. This forum is dedicated to sharing valuable advice and support information to help you deal with the stress, emotional and psycholigical effects which separation from dear family and friends can cause.

3. Building A Support Network (No Networks)

Feeling alone? Want to connect with others in a simlar situation to you? Need help to build your own support group in your new country? Jump into this forum to get started…

4. Adapting Socially & Culturally

Moving overseas to a culture that you know almost nothing about….culture shock springs to mind! Learn how to adapt to your new country where adaptation challenges in language, socialising, making new friends, being exposed to and accepting new culture can cause anxiety and alienation. The forum is dedicated to helping you during this transition.

5. Financial Struggles

The costs of migrating to a new country can be daunting and crippling. Your new start in your new country is also a new financial start. Learn how to not just survive financially, but thrive.

6. The Rules & Regulations (Understanding The Process)

Discover useful links, support and resources to understand the immigration rules and regulations of your new country.

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